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How are the books organized?

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Most of the books are organized according to the Library of Congress classification system, which is the system most academic and research libraries use. This system groups books based on their subject area, so books on the same topic are generally shelved together. The letters at the beginning of each call number indicate a broad subject category.

Here are the library collections by floor:

  • L1: Reference books; Journals and Magazines (Periodical Stacks); DVDs; CDs; Friends Reading Room (Browsing collection; Video Games); New Books; Current Newspapers; Stacks and GFL/Grand Folio Books (Call Number M)

  • L2: General Stacks (Call Numbers A-L); GFL/Grand Folio Books (Call Numbers A-L); Education collection

  • L3: General Stacks (Call Numbers N-Z); GFL/Grand Folio Books (Call Numbers N-Z)

Browsing books and fiction in the Education Collection are shelved according to author's last name, and DVDs are shelved by their title.

If you're having trouble finding books or other items, please come to the desk, and we'll be happy to help you look.